Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Circular related to reopening of government and aided school formats of opinion collection of parents

Title:Circular related to reopening of government and aided school formats of opinion collection of parents

File Type: parents opinion about school opening and time table

File Language: Kannada

Which Department: Education

State: Karnataka

Published Date: 2 June ,2020

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  1. In Kodagu July 15 to August 20th the monsoon will be at the maximum with heavy rainfalls 24/7 and children's below age of 10 is more affected by the deadly virus in cold season and more often theese periods usually children's will be having fever,cold and cough due to the weather conditions,so my personal suggestion is ,it is better to open schools after 15th August specially in kodagu

  2. Until we get vaccine of or that virus it is too dangerous to children not only below ten even for highschool children also,more over no parents are complaining about school reopening,there is no urgency to open schools, children safety is mandatory,don't play with their health,this is my humble request not to open schools until any vaccine.Now as for no other go we wil opt for online classes above 10 yes children.

  3. It's practically impossible to enforce social distancing in schools.our children are at great risk! Also, senior staff kn schools are put in harm's way if schools commence now. Children can also be carriers of the virus . School transport, private Van's and public transport are all risk factors. Herd immunity must not be attempted by exposing children to the sources of infection.

  4. It's too risky to start schools at this movement when covid cases are at very high it will waste our efforts of two months lockdown